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SAFESTOP – Automotive Management Systems

Safestop is the market leader in technology to monitor the control of vehicle against operator/driver abuse.

It is a problem in our industry that staffs entrusted with expensive and sometimes irreplaceable equipment do not adhere to accepted norms and management requirements. This results in major loss and high costs to all sectors of our economy. As a result of this lack of discipline the following products have achieved incredible savings

Safestop Automotive Management systems, Intuitive, technically superior and supported like no other. Safestop vehicle management systems include Idle, Rev and Speed Limiters, Starter motor savers and Turbocharger timers.

Safestop manufactures protection systems before major damage can occur. It is a policy of Safestop that all protection systems be “Failsafe” and informs the user of a problem prior to stopping the vehicle.

Engine Management:

The Safestop electronic engine management system can monitor, up to five individual Circuits with dedicated switches to protect against amongst other problems:
• Coolant loss
• High Average Coolant Temperature
• Cylinder Head Temperature
• Low Engine Oil Pressure
• Low Engine Oil Level
• High Average Engine Oil Temperature
• Broken Fan Belt

In Each case the driver/operator Receives an audio fault warning ten seconds prior to a controlled engine stop taking place. An interactive light display indicates the cause of the problem thus keeping downtown to a minimum.

Typical Applications:

• Mining
• Agriculture
• Industry
• Railways
• Road Transport and Logistics
• Power Generation
• Passenger Transport
• Fishing
• Security and Defence

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