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Diagnostics, Repairs & Services

Diagnostics, Repairs & Services

We diagnose, repair and service all Trucks, Earthmoving equipment and Forklifts.

Diagnostics – Diagnostics test is a procedure performed to confirm, or determine faults. The diagnostic test relies on a computer system that links to the vehicle/Machine/Trucks computer processor, sensors and microchips, logging any problems or issues present. It can reveal existing flaws including problems with the exhaust, transmission, oil tank, and other systems.

Repairs – If any repairs need to be carried out we will first quote. Once a quote has been approved for repairs, we require a 70% Deposit before any work will be carried out.

Services – We also do services on Machines, Trucks, and forklifts. Your normal and Major services.

Our Team

Hannes VisserManaging Director/Technician

Alida VisserChief Operations Officer